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Former F.B.I. profiler Will Graham (William Petersen) returns to service to pursue a deranged serial killer named "the Tooth Fairy" (Tom Noonan) by the media.

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In the film's skin-crawling creepy prologue, a flashlight's circle of light (seen in a hand-held videocamera view), in an extended tracking shot, "stalked" and ascended a suburban home's main stairs to a second-floor bedroom where it was directed toward two sleeping individuals - the light caused the female victim to slowly awaken, as the film cut to its titles.

The film opened, in September of 1986, with former FBI profiler agent Will Graham (William Petersen) on a tropical Florida beach, speaking to his ex-boss Jack Crawford (Dennis Farina). Graham had retired (or quit his job) after suffering a heavy psychic toll, and was unaware of recent high-profile murders of entire families committed in Birmingham and Atlanta. Crawford was asking him to return to his job, to catch the killer who was working on a "lunar cycle" - with a little more than 3 weeks until the next potential murder during a full moon. Graham responded: "I'll think about it." A family man with one son named Kevin, he discussed the offer with his pretty blonde wife Molly (Kim Greist), and assured her: "If I went back, I'd only look at evidence. I wouldn't get deeply involved. He'd never even see me or know my name," but his mind was made up to return.

Back on the job, he was driven by a police officer to the most recent crime scene, where he crossed a yellow-taped line and entered an Atlanta suburban house (owned by the family of Charles and Valerie Leeds). He ascended the stairs, noticing a blood-stained carpet in the children's room. In the master bedroom, he saw a bloody, grisly murder scene (with stains on the walls, bedding and carpets), and recorded his findings into a hand-held tape recorder, about the deranged killer's skillful mode of entry into the house, the killer's description ("blonde hair, strong, size 12 shoe imprint, blood AB positive"), and the mode of murder. The husband's throat was cut (with evidence of "arterial spray" on the wall), and then the killer shot (and then strangled) the wife. The husband vainly attempted to prevent the killer from moving to the children's room. Graham then asked: "What did the killer do with them after they were dead?" During his investigation, the phone rang, and he listened to the dead female's haunting recording to "leave a message."

Later, in his Atlanta Marriott hotel room, Graham viewed VHS videos of the family's home movies, and recorded further thoughts about the post-mortem actions of the killer (who had cut Mrs. Leeds with smashed mirror fragments), asking himself what he might have done in the interval between killing the children and Mrs. Leeds' actual death a few minutes later. He then appeared to enter the mind-set of the killer, speculating about his reaction to the beautiful wife: "It was maddening to have to touch her with rubber gloves on, wasn't it?" He surmised that talcum powder found on the victim's leg came from the rubber glove that he took off to touch her, and that he may have closed the eyes of the victims with his bare hand.

Graham phoned boss Crawford and asked: "Is Price still in Latent Prints?", asking for the meticulous FBI duster named Jimmy Price to re-examine the crime scene, now that he knew the killer took off his gloves: "Dust Mrs. Leeds' finger and toenails and the corneas of all their eyes." In a police briefing about the case at the Atlanta police department, an officer mentioned that the killer was often referred to as "The Tooth Fairy" because of the peculiar shape of his teeth: "He has pegged lateral incisors." It was admitted that they had no motive and very little evidence, although Graham postulated: "It's in his dreams...His act fuels his fantasy." Graham had caught the infamous psychopath Doctor Hannibal Lecktor three years earlier, who had killed multiple victims. Price phoned with news of a partial thumb print ("with a tented arch") from the oldest child's left eye, and the fragment of a palm print off the nail of Mrs. Leeds' left big toe. Outside the department, Graham was confronted by sleazy, unethical tabloid journalist Freddie Lounds (Stephen Lang) who had covered the Lecktor case for The National Tattler and wrote the paperback. The nosy Lounds asked about the murderer: "How's he do 'em, Will?" Graham grabbed him physically, tossed him onto the hood of a car where Lounds' foot smashed the windshield, and warned: "Keep the f--k away from me."

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